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Happy Holidays from ABLD!

Happy Holidays from ABLD!

Sometimes the happiness of the holidays can be lost in the stress of work, seemingly mandatory parties, over consumption, Black Friday/Cyber Monday FOMO, rapidly depleting finances and forced interaction with people you might choose to spend limited free time with at other times of the year.  Yes, the struggle is real!

Recently, we took a break and spent an evening with friends – who we strive to spend time with year round  – going for a stroll at the Winter Wonderland exhibit at the Circuit of the America’s F1 race track grounds here in Austin.

Jason and the Dragon

We each wore a Firefly Cloak and took some candid photos around the fantastic light exhibits at Winter Wonderland.   The best part of the evening was our interactions with other Winter Wonderland goers, young and old, who approached us with genuine warmth and smiles.  It was wonderful that a silly costume should also serve as a catalyst to connect people and spread joy in an unexpected way.  

Under the heart lights

Meeting someone else with a smile and making a real connection -if only for a moment – is a gift we are very grateful to receive!   We hope you are finding time to connect and smile often this holiday season.  

Gerry and the swans

We would love to hear stories see your photos bringing smiles to others. We have created a special album on our Facebook page called “Firefly Adventures” to foster a community of people sharing their stories of wearing their Firefly Cloak and other costumes to bring smiles to others.   Please submit your pictures to jason@austinbrightlightdesign.com or gerry@austinbrightlightdesign.com to make sure we highlight your happiness!

Jason goes bananas