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Austin Bright Light Design was started with one goal in mind:  to make wearable art that brings smiles to the wearer and those around them.  

Gerry Gilligan and partners built the "Dancing Pickle" (2014, 12 ft LED Pickle) and "Eye of the World" (2015, 7.5ft by 3.5ft interactive LED infinity mirror) for display at Burning Man and festivals in the Austin area.   Witnessing the joy and wonder by those who saw this artwork inspired him to create wearable art.  

In 2015, two jellyfish inspired outfits were created to wear at the Voodoo Arts and Music festival in New Orleans.   Founders Gerry Gilligan and Jason Balcauski were overwhelmed by the response of people they met both at the festival and exploring New Orleans.  After numerous comments, "I love it!" "Where can I get one?"  "Will you sell me the cape?", the idea was born to establish Austin Bright Light Design to make costumes that combined the latest in portable lighting technology with outrageous designs and materials.

Now armed with a successful Kickstarter campaign in October 2017 proving that their dreams had merit, Gerry and Jason are launching ABLD to make the world of clothing and concerts be more interactive and social affairs.  So if you are at a house party, dance club, live concert, or just a walk through the neighborhood -  Austin Bright Light Design can help bring more light to your night and show the glow in your soul!