Firefly Cloak

The Revolutionary Smart LED Costume

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Light up the Night

Experience the future of party costumes!

Firefly Cloak


Introducing Firefly Cloak Rentals in the Austin Area

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Firefly Features

Experience the future of party costumes! Holographic sequins, remote-control effects, multi-cloak sync & more...

Firefly Cloak
  • Smart LEDs

    Waterproof, individually addressable LED strips capable of producing a rainbow of colors, and built to our specifications to withstand the rigors of the real world

  • 100s of Patterns

    With over 300 unique pre-programmed lighting patterns, Dimmable to match brightness and improve battery longevity

  • Wireless Remote Control

    Every Firefly Cloak comes with a credit card sized, easy to use RF wireless remote control for adjusting all settings, and for controlling multiple cloaks together. Up to 40’ range

  • Rechargable Battery Pack

    Rechargeable 6000mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack will power the Firefly for up to 20 hours, depending on brightness and colors

As Seen On Kickstarter!

The first production run of Firefly Cloaks were successfully funded on Kickstarter in late 2017.  ABLD was able to reach our goal in under thirty days, joining the less than 10% of all Kickstarter fashion projects that make their goal!  We are so proud! 

Built for Comfort

We use a breathable, wicking material similar to what is used in performance running and cycling clothing to line the Firefly Cloak. This helps make the Firefly comfortable to wear in even the warmest conditions. 

Professional engineers using Computer Aided Design (CAD) helped us to develop an exclusive pattern and support system to evenly distribute weight across the shoulders, not the neck.

Which Firefly Cloak Do You Want?

Choose from 4 vibrant holographic sequin colors

Attention to Detail

Nickel-alloy laser engraved clasp

Breathable moisture-wicking fabric lining

Sturdy zipper pulls built to last

Discreet hidden stash pocket


Advanced design for even weight distribution

Shoutout to our Kickstarter backers! Special thanks to Zack Johnson, Rebecca Pugh, Leslie Doering, Aaron Smith of Abomination Productions, LLC