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New Partnership with GloFX Announced!

New Partnership with GloFX Announced!

For Immediate Release by Austin Bright Light Design, LLC-

Austin Bright Light Design™ is proud to announce a new partnership with GloFX, the #1 Global leader of Dimensional Eyewear since 2009! 

Austin Bright Light Design™ (ABLD™) has entered into a marketing agreement with GloFX to list a limited selection of GloFX products on the Austin Bright Light Design™ website.  “The addition of complementary products from other original designers is meant to broaden the selection of vetted, high quality lighted costumes and accessories offered to our customers,” said Jason Balcauski, President of Austin Bright Light Design.  The GloFX products listed include the Pixel Pro Goggles™ , Pixel Pro Glasses™, GloFX Space Saber™ and  LZR Laser Gloves™.  

“We spend a lot of time and resources designing and prototyping the costumes and the electronics that go into them to make sure that we produce original designs that can stand up to repeated use and represent a good value.  We aim to “wow” our customers and those around them.   The GloFX products we are offering do that,” said Gerry Gilligan, CEO and Lead Designer of ABLD.  

Austin Bright Light Design continues to develop new products to add to its flagship Firefly Cloak™ collection.

The curated collection of GloFX products offered on the ABLD website are listed under the “Rave Toys” menu at www.austinbrightlightdesign.com.

About Austin Bright Light Design-

A startup in the heart of Texas with the mission to “Bring more light to your night!”, ABLD is an innovator in high quality costumes that merge outrageous designs with the latest in electronics and lighting technology at a price point that remains accessible to people who want stand out.  Their flagship product, the Firefly Cloak™, has been featured on stage and in the crowd at concerts, festivals and dance clubs around the world including appearances on stage at major music festivals and on national TV with Shinyribs during his Austin City Limits Live (ACL Live) taping in season 43.  ABLD costumes are meant to inspire, bring joy and spread smiles to friends and strangers alike as they draw attention to the wearer in a positive and social way.

About GloFX-

GloFX is the #1 Global Leader in Dimensional Eyewear and has sold millions of pairs of rave glasses to EDM enthusiasts around the world since 2009.

In addition to Diffraction and Kaleidoscope Glasses, GloFX offers a wide range of LED Products and Rave Gear including Light Show Gloves, Orbits, Fiber Optic Props, and Glow Poi. GloFX continues to pioneer and innovate new products that lead its industry.

GloFX products get their appeal from their ability to enhance one’s experience and leave a lasting impression. Built on the importance of innovation, GloFX strives to push the boundaries of perception with its revolutionary eyewear and LED Products. The emphasis on quality makes GloFX a popular brand amongst eclectic light and music enthusiasts. Most importantly, the methods for creating a unique experience for each person is what separates GloFX from every other brand in its niche. GloFX changes the way people see the world and the way they interact with it.


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