Firefly™ Cloak

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Innovative Party Gear

The Firefly™ cloak is the first commercially available light-up costume utilizing smart, individually addressable LEDs that allow the wearer (or friend) to control the lighting effects.  

Our all-original costumes are designed in Austin, TX by a passionate team of artists, designers and pattern makers.

Smart LEDs

Waterproof, individually addressable LED strips capable of producing a rainbow of colors, and built to our specifications to withstand the rigors of the real world

100s of Patterns

With over 300 unique pre-programmed lighting patterns, Dimmable to match brightness and improve battery longevity

Sync Multiple Cloaks

Pair two or more Firefly™ Cloaks to a single controller and share the same lighting effects within a 40’ radius

Wireless Remote Control

Every Firefly Cloak comes with a credit card sized, easy to use RF wireless remote control for adjusting all settings, and for controlling multiple cloaks together. Up to 40’ range

Rechargable Battery Pack

Rechargeable 6500mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack will power the Firefly for up to 20 hours, depending on brightness and colors

Hidden Pocket

We’ve included a discreet pocket inside the cloak for storing your phone, credit cards, ID, wallet and whatnots

High-Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

Refined by professional engineers and seamstresses to ensure the weight is evenly distributed to the shoulders, the Firefly™ cloak uses holographic sequins, breathable wicking liner and a robust #5 zipper for easy assembly and removal of the LEDS for transport and washing. All seams are double stitched for strength.

By Austin Bright Light Design

The Firefly Cloak is a product of Austin Bright Light Design, an Austin, TX partnership of life-long friends who have a passion for music, lighting, and burner culture. After first bringing their LED cloak prototypes to a music festival, they were immediately struck by the attention it received - eliciting joy, wonder, and excited conversations from total strangers. Realizing the potential, they set off on a journey to make the Firefly Cloak available for purchase.

Coming to Kickstarter

The Firefly Cloak will launch as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in September 2017, where early-supporters will have a chance to purchase the first consumer models at a discounted price.

By purchasing a Firefly Cloak, you are joining us in our mission to transform the way people experience live music. You are letting your freak flag fly and supporting fellow dreamers and makers in your community.

*Update: The kickstarter has launched!

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