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Which Of These Things Is Not Like The Other Ones?

Which Of These Things Is Not Like The Other Ones?

Some photos are iconic.  Legendary.  Instantly recognizable not only for their content but the feelings that they invoke.  And it looks like the editors over at Forbes Magazine agree with us, because every time we see our best buddy, Shinyribs, in his Firefly Cloak- we can't help but smile!

In an article about a rundown of the best Texas musicians to stream during the times of quarantine, we were shocked and deeply pleased that Kevin Russell, aka Shinyribs, was once again featured from his ACL Live performance where our Firefly Cloak made it's national television debut!  Kevin has been keeping our booties wiggling and shimmy shakin' all summer with his Saturday Night Rib Fry streaming on his Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels.  From honky tonk to hip hop, Mr. Ribs has got you covered with infectious melodies and happy memories of days on the dance floor.  Try and scroll past his picture in this lineup of amazing talents, we dare you!

Shinyribs at Blues on the Green Austin Texas

(Picture by James Simmons Photography- Blues on the Green 2017)

Also highlighted were some of our other favorite Austinites, Patrice Pike and Wayne Sutton of Pike and Sutton.  Patrice has a beautiful voice that can always creep into rock goddess mode if the mood strikes, and Wayne has got all the licks to match on his lead guitar.  They always pack the room at whatever residences that they set up whether it is at the Saxon Pub, One-2-One Bar or points elsewhere and it made us feel great that they were recognized for bringing great tunes to your screen during lockdown because they certainly are incredibly talented songwriters!  Check out Patrice's "Keep the Faith" livestreams to see for yourself!

Forbes goes on to highlight more fantastic Texas talent like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Ruthie Foster, "Too Tall" Marcia Ball and others.  If you are unfamiliar with these folks, we HIGHLY recommend that you dive into their catalogs and enjoy some of the best that the Lone Star State has to offer!


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