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Voice of the Customer - A Firefly Cloak Review by Justin!

Voice of the Customer - A Firefly Cloak Review by Justin!

A Customer Review for the Ages!

At Austin Bright Light Design our favorite part of our job is opening up emails, catching Instagram stories, reading reviews, or hearing in person about all the adventures and fun that our customers are having with our creation, the Firefly Cloak!  It truly warms our hearts to hear these tales.  The driving forces behind our design philosophy here at ABLD are inclusiveness, community and joy- so when we hear that these are actually being accomplished out in the real world it just makes the whole thing worthwhile!

With that in mind, we would like to introduce our customer, Justin, from New York (main photo).  He's got quite the story to tell about his Firefly Cloak, so with as little editing as possible, we will let him tell it in his own words...

Justin from NY- Bon Vivant & ABLD Customer!

"Let me tell you my story...

Once upon a time (seven weeks ago) I was costume shopping at Abracadabra NYC for Theatre Bizarre, a masquerade ball and Halloween soiree in Detroit (greatest Halloween event I’ve experienced anywhere). I passed a mannequin wearing a gold sequined cloak with a pimped-out fuzzy boa-esque lining, boxing shorts and boxing gloves. I did a double take, immediately fell in love with it, called my wife to authorize the purchase, then browsed the store for accessories.
Abracadabra NYC Firefly Cloak Display
I passed by the cloaked mannequin a second time, and this time was like 👀 🤯! The fuzzy boa part was glowing, pulsating and changing colors! No way! My eyes bulged and my mind was blown! I fell in love with it unlit, but turns out this cloak is LIT as f***!  (Editors note: We are indeed lit AF)
I rocked it a few nights later at Theatre Bizarre, and the results were absolutely spectacular. Firefly Cloak + no shirt + Wrestling Champion Belt + little shiny shorts + Elton John-esque rose-colored diamond-encrusted glasses...I called it “Elton John Cena”.
Elton John Cena in a Firefly Cloak at Theatre Bizarre in Detroit
I have never experienced reactions to a costume like this one brought about. Men, women, straight, gay...people just gravitated towards me and wanted to touch me, talk, compliment, dance and generally vibe out, making me feel confident, sexy, fun and just all around amazing. It also elicited unexpected, interesting and hilarious reactions from so many people. 
I went back to Theatre Bizarre a week later for a redux...same results.  I went to the Suwannee Hulaween Music Festival in Florida just before Halloween...same results.  A few days later on Halloween I rocked it in Las Vegas for Phish, and got great reactions again. I saw at least two other people at the show rocking Firefly Cloaks as well. It’s spreading!"
Justin goes on to say that his friends ended up at our partner Astral Hoops' booth at Hulaween and they all ended up getting their own Fireflies so that they could synchronize their lights and have fun together in their costumes.  Fantastic!


 As you may be able to tell, this was written in 2018.  Well, we are happy to inform you that Justin did NOT stop there! 

He continued: "One of my life’s great joys is rocking my Firefly Cloak and experiencing people’s reactions and all the love they throw my way. It feels amazing to brighten other’s spirits, which I’ve done quite a bit lately.

I sported the cloak on Jam Cruise, then my my wife and I went to the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia and I proceeded to rock it down under! I was dancing one night and this guy rolls up to me and says, “Austin Bright Light Design?” I said hell yeah! Then he asked me if the cloak was worth it, and I gave him and emphatic HELL YEAH! Good times.

A month later we experienced the Splore Festival in New Zealand (partially billed as “New Zealand’s Biggest Dress Up Party), and the cloak was a huge hit. People loved it! It’s magic. It really is. Everything has a vibration, and the firefly cloak’s vibration is powerful, vibrant and wonder-inducing."

Hoooweee!  Color us jealous of your epic adventures, Justin!  And here's to many more memories in your Firefly Cloak.  We are grinning from ear-to-ear reading about how much fun our costume is having on your back.  We cannot wait to see where it goes next!  Getting our brand recognized in Australia by someone is MIND BLOWING to us!  

If you have a story like Justin's, please send it to austinbrightlightdesign@gmail.com as soon as possible!  We would love to hear it.  Until next time y'all! 

Get lit and stay lit!


-Team ABLD



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